Webinar Outreach Event: Local Highway Bridge Program Reform Policies

Background: Caltrans is working with the local agency representatives of the Highway Bridge Program Advisory Committee (HBPAC) to reform Highway Bridge Program (HBP) policies and guidelines to address the program backlog and project delivery issues.  The reform policies include additional accountability measures to control cost, scope, and schedule changes as well as potential changes to eligibility, oversight requirements, and programming guidelines. 

Webinar Objective:  Share HBP reform policies and associated background with local agency staff & stakeholders who deliver HBP projects.  Receive feedback on the policies to take back to the HBPAC.

Who should attend?  City & County Engineers, Project Managers, Public Works Officials, Public Works Executives, and Consultants who work to deliver local agency bridge projects.

Meeting Agenda:  Overview of HBP Committee Activities & Background, Overview of HBP Reform Policies, Q&A

Meeting Speakers & Panelists:  

HBP Advisory Committee Local & CALCOG Representatives

  • Matt Randall, Placer County (Meeting Moderator)
  • Chris Sneddon, Santa Barbara County
  • Jason Vivian, Tulare County
  • Michael Chung, San Joaquin County
  • Robert Newman, City of Santa Clarita
  • Jesse Gothan, City of Sacramento
  • Debbie O’Leary, City of Oxnard
  • Rebecca Neves, City of Placerville
  • Ross McKeown, Bay Area Metro / Association of Bay Area Governments
  • Jose Luis Caceres, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Webinar Meeting Session #1: Wednesday June 3, 2020 1:30-3:00pm

Webinar Meeting Session #2: Thursday June 4, 2020 10:30am-noon

NOTE: Both sessions are the same (same agenda)

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